Friday, August 7, 2009

An ode to intolerance

Thank you intolerance,
I know you are not exactly popular- perhaps far from it
No one sings you praises
Most would love to pretend that you never paid them a visit
The nobler among us pledge to overcome you
They write books condemning you
I know that you could cause much damage- killing for race, colour, creed,
And sometimes fathering a rather toxic, despicable breed

But on second thoughts, I’m glad that you are there
You have helped me escape fools and sycophants
You helped me invent lines other than ‘Oh so cute’ for infants
Thanks to you, I know that I may leave the room while Star Trek is on
And not forgive those whose deceit ushers a new low among moron(s)
You taught me to love a man without loving everything about him
You said it was ok to not pretend that mediocrity was just fine
Or to wish that the best things in the world were all mine

So here’s what I ask of you old friend,
Is there a way that we could both stay?
You keep a low profile, while I try to I stick it out?
You don’t lash out when they come to get you as so very often as they do,
While I master the art of concealing that like you as much as I do?


  1. Many could be harboring a secret crush on this fellow and not for damaging reasons. Great Post again!

  2. Nice post, Annamus. My fav line was "You helped me invent lines other than ‘Oh so cute’ for infants"
    On a more complex note:
    Intolerance - thy decree,
    Never to let go,
    Often to set free!

  3. chrysalis- you bet!!! as a dipstick I posted it on facebook(something i don't like to do much), and the response toatlly validates what you said.

    Kayjee- many thanks!!! its so weird that I, a total non-poet find comfort in verses when i have to state somehting close to my heart- wnder why that happens...